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Conference Room & Construction Solutions

Glazed Partitions

RAYA is a leading supplier of structurally bonded glaze partitions, aluminum profiles, double glazing, blended glass and solid structure design

Interior Doors

Designers have unlimited range when creating new and exciting solutions. RAYA supports all forms of structural glass design

Luxury Entrance Doors

The first things your customer will see is your front door, why not make a statement? RAYA offers a comprehensive suite of entry solutions


RAYA’s roof systems integrate custom glass design with specialised aluminum profiles to offer comprehensive thermal solutions


Custom shapes, sizes, finish and integration set RAYA apart when searching for a conference room solutions partner


Partitions, folding walls and integrated building panels comprise only a portion of the solutions RAYA offers designers for conference room solutions

About RAYA

RAYA is a private company based in New York City focused on providing market leading conference room solutions

The RAYA products are leaders in the European Market. RAYA is launching those products in the United States Q1 2020

Suppliers for RAYA’s products are based in Europe sharing facilities in the United States

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